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Getting around the Wörthersee

Nestled in the mountains and hills, with its nearly Mediterranean climate and a cheerful southern atmosphere, the Wörthersee enjoys an almost legendary reputation: untouched natural landscapes, peace and relaxation, but also exciting events and nightlife.

A variety of sports & activities is guaranteed. The Wörthersee inspires both young and old, water sports enthusiasts and hikers, connoisseurs and people seeking relaxation. 

Hiking in the Wörthersee region

Most people have an image of the Wörthersee as a place for swimming, enjoying the scenery or playing golf. But did you know that it also a place where many beautiful hiking tours begin and end and are just waiting to be discovered? This hiking paradise offers a large number of walks in the forest and meadow and even trips through quite rugged terrain.

With the Wörthersee Card in your backpack, you can conquer the mountains in the border triangle and the 3 lakes in the region for free. 




Cycling Holidays on the Wörthersee

Ride on the bike paths in the Wörthersee region towards the water and sun. An above average number of hours of sunshine, numerous water stops and an incomparable Mediterranean flair turn Austria’s southern region into a paradise for your cycling holiday during the spring, summer and autumn.  

Explore the 40-kilometer tour around the Wörthersee by bicycle. Enjoy the beautiful countryside, discover interesting sights along the way or take a refreshing dip in the turquoise lake.

For families, the Drau cycling path goes through the scenic Rosental. Just jump on to your mountain bike and you can cycle around the lake at an amazing elevation of 2,200 meters. Racing cyclists can choose from routes with different difficulty levels, going in some cases to Slovenia and Italy.

Rent a bike, get on it, and go! You can just leave your own bike at home and take a cycling holiday with us at Hotel Garni Joainig. All around the Wörthersee there are many bicycle rental and e-bike rental stations.
Even the world’s best triathletes love the Wörthersee region as an ideal place for cycling. You can cheer on world champions at the annual international race on the Wörthesee.

MTB at the wörthersee




Fishing in the Wörthersee region

Fishermen and anglers can try out their fishing luck in the Wörthersee region and the 4-lake valley of Keutschach.
Every fisherman needs a fishing licence from the owner or proprietor of the fishing area and an official fishing permit (‘control card’). Guest tickets for fishing are valid for one week and are available at the same locations as the fishing permits. No training is required. 

meet your fish

Riding Paradise

Ride horseback through unspoiled nature and experience the riding paradise around the Wörthersee from the vantage point of your horse. Between the Nockbergen (‘Nock Mountains’) and the Saualpe there are over 80 riding stables, hotels and stations where horses can rest. Carinthia’s Riding Paradise offers riding tours over beautiful riding trails with pristine scenery as a backdrop, but there are also abundant opportunities for alpine trekking adventurers and western-style riders.

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