Jogging - Walking - hiking
between the mountains and the lake

Jogging Hotel Joainig
Walking Hotel Joainig

Lace up your sports shoes and explore the fascinating landscape around the Wörthersee.

Especially for jogging and walking, both the lake and the surrounding scenery are perfect for any type of running. 
If you like a straight path, just stay on the edge of the lake, but if you want a little more of an athletic challenge, you can venture into the mountains, that surround the Wörthersee. Pörtschach alone has 7 running courses. The Wörthersee deserves it reputation as the Wörthersee Running & Walking Arena

The combination of relaxation and active holiday will do it for you! You can inhale the wonderful fresh air around the Wörthersee. If you wander through the woods, you will feel it. You will find nature in a pristine and beautiful state.

Whether for long or short trips, the region has the right course for all our guests.

‘Carinthia runs’ is the motto for numerous running events, ranging from the Everyman Jogging Meet to the Ultra Triathlon.

Get charged with energy and immerse yourself in the summer holiday world on the Wörthersee!

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