The region Wörthersee
the jewel in Austria

Wörthersee Hotel Joainig
Bathing spot Wörthersee Hotel Joainig
Hotel Joainig Wörthersee

Carinthia’s most famous lake is enthralling, with its turquoise blue water and its pleasantly warm temperatures.

The Wörthersee covers about 20 square kilometres and extends over a length of about 16km. Because of its geographical setting, at the end of June the lake reaches a temperature of over 20 degrees Celsius, and can rise to a high of 25 degrees Celsius during the summer.

There are many lakes in Austria, but there is only one Wörthersee. 
Hills, forests, shores, hiking. It is this combination of many factors that makes the Wörthersee so special. Anyone who has spent their holiday with us always comes back again. 
You can even drink the water in the lake. That speaks volumes. We cherish and care for our wonderful lake with great love and dedication in order to keep it as a water paradise on earth. 
Countless species of fish feel ‘fit as a fiddle’ in the most famous lake in Carinthia. 

Around 14 km west of Klagenfurt located on the northern shore of the lake is Pörtschach. Separated by a small peninsula, this pleasant and tranquil resort charms one with its southern flair, charming lakeside houses and villas as well as the rustic boathouses on the lakeshore.
The Wörthersee fills both young and old with awe, whether water sports enthusiasts and hikers, connoisseurs or people just looking for a place to relax. 

Activities around the lake:

  • Water sports, such as surfing, sailing, rowing and pedal boats
  • Tennis, golf and horseback riding
  • Walks around the lake or in the surrounding mountains
  • Fishing
  • Cultural functions and events
  • The Wörther Plus Card
  • and much more

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